For people who have struggled unsuccessfully with weight loss, bariatric surgery can provide a successful alternative to break the cycle of obesity. For more than 15 years, our gastrointestinal, bariatric and endocrine surgeon Gregg Jossart, M.D., has performed gastric banding and stapling procedures—as well as minimally invasive endocrine and GI surgery–with excellent outcomes. Our goal is to provide patients with the best medical care, while also helping you achieve lifestyle and weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Scale for Weight Loss Surgery

The Right Weight Loss Surgery for You

We work closely with you to deliver the safest, most successful bariatric surgery experience possible. Our team excels at helping patients weigh the pros and cons of all procedures to find the best fit.

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Serving San Francisco, Marin, and the Bay Area

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, our team sees individuals at our San Francisco and Marin care centers. Surgery is performed at Sutter Health’s California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) in San Francisco. If you are traveling to San Francisco for surgery, our team can provide lodging and travel recommendations.

Conditions Treated

Being overweight and especially being morbidly obese can have a very negative impact on your health. Below are some of the health conditions negatively impacted by being obese.

Our Bariatrics Team

Sutter Pacific’s bariatric, endocrine and GI surgery team is led by surgeon Gregg Jossart, M.D. Our team approach centers around providing comprehensive weight loss care from surgery through recovery.